Committee Members

Role Contact
Chair Laraine Kirkham
Secretary Sandy Hignett
Treasurer Phil Davis
Speaker secretary Peter Hinchliffe
Minutes secretary Susan Hall
Marketing and Publicity Jill Mariner
Website coordinators Jennie Woods
  Mary Wilcox


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Group Leaders

Group Group Leader
Speaker Events Peter Hinchliffe
Bird Watching Peter Holt
Book Group Mary Wilcox
Bridge Jane Wain
Cycling Duncan Macpherson
Family History Robin Forrester
French Rosemary Smith
German Jill Mariner
Historic Churches Jenny Arkinstall
Photography Bob Styring
Poetry Angie Pyman
Singing Phil Hughes
Tours and Trips Barbara Geddes
Walking through time Liz Bailey
Wine Appreciation Laraine and Chris Kirkham
Yeamblers Brett and Susan Whitby-Smith


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